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线上娱乐城赌博:The tide of stop-swiping swept the Phi Star Hat stocks The only public fund "Tai Lei"

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内容摘要: The tide of stopwatch swept through the Phistar hats. In the three trading days after the holiday, the A-share market has 10-20 daily STS s...

The tide of stopwatch swept through the Phistar hats. In the three trading days after the holiday, the A-share market has 10-20 daily STS shares that are subject to delisting risk warnings. "Financial Investment News" reporter found that a quarterly report found that the existing 82 * ST shares, many have been public offerings, private equity, insurance even the "national team" and other institutions hold shares. Among them, there are more public fund and fund accounts figure on * ST Rodeo , * ST Tang , * ST Valley where rich control , * ST stocks top ten tradable shareholders seats 4 .

delisting risk warning lethality large

data show May 3 76 * ST shares in the transaction status, there are limit 18, accounting for nearly 24%, while 2 fell more than 4%, more than for the 2017 annual report disclosed because of the performance loss, audit firms can not represent or negative opinions cause of delisting risks and the implementation of new entrants ST segment stock. 4 May 11 * ST shares again word limit.

* ST shares refers to the domestic listed company two years of losses, was carried out of the stock delisting risk warning. If 3 consecutive years of losses will suspend the listing, if continued losses within six months after treatment will face delisting. According to statistics, during the year so far, at least 46 listed companies have been notified of the risk of delisting. Because not been able to turn a profit in the first annual report of the suspension of listing, * ST Kunming Machine , * ST Jean , * ST-en-carbon has released the announcement may be delisted.

According to past practice, every year around April is an important time window for hyping ST stocks. The origin of ST stock speculation is mainly based on the possibility of reorganization. However, in recent years, various types of supervision have been intensified. The regulators have scrutinized backdoor listings and major asset restructurings. In addition, fewer and fewer companies are willing to list backdoors. Unicorn can directly issue IPOs and go public on the Hong Kong stock market. The shell value is getting lower and lower, and the enthusiasm for speculation is getting weaker and lighter. This has become an important reason for the continued weak performance of the ST segment. From the secondary market, some *ST stocks are already several consecutive daily limit boards. For example * ST Lawton , * ST Watson , * ST Hui industry has been harvested at least five more than the daily limit, * ST juf since mid-January by the regulators to initiate an investigation after consecutive gains 27 limit stops.

However, a quarterly report reveals that among the above stocks, there are still many public equity, private equity, and insurance institutions that hold shares. Taking the public fund as an example, there are 82 *ST stocks, and 16 of them are held by public funds. Among them, 3 stocks have more than 1% of the shares of public funds, which are *ST Deo, *ST Tang, *ST Fan Valley. 4 stocks were held by insurance funds, 5 stocks were held by trusts, 3 securities companies held them, and Sunshine Private Holdings reached 20 stocks.

Several public fund “stepping on mines”

Take *ST Deo as an example. According to a quarterly report, there are three public funds in the top ten circulation shareholders' seats, including a reform power fund, a national defense military fund, and a town. The development fund holds 10 million shares, 5.98 million shares and 5.5 million shares, and the proportion of outstanding shares is 3.77%, 2.26% and 2.07%. The three funds had held the stock before 2017. The stock was suspended from trading at the end of 2016 due to the listing of, but after the reorganization of the abortion, the share price of the stock had already fallen after the resumption of trading in November 2017 to the end of the year. At the end of 2017, the company re-arranged and suspended the game. Since May 2, delisting risk warning has been implemented. The loss of the above three funds is a foregone conclusion.

In addition, the top ten tradable shareholder positions include not only funds but also products of trust and asset management companies, including China Shipping Trust-Pujiang Star No. 177, China Shipping Trust-Pujiang Star No. 165, and Shantou State Investment Trust. ·Hu Qin 25 et al.

*ST Tang’s top ten tradable shareholder seats at the end of the first quarter also had two new public funds such as Castrol’s new opportunity. However, the number of shares held was small and the relative proportion of fund assets was not high. The Central Huijin Asset Management Co., Ltd. and Harvest Financial Asset Management Plan on behalf of the national team were surprisingly impressive. The company's audited net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company for 2016 and 2017 continued to be negative, and the company's net assets attributable to shareholders of the listed company in 2017 were negative.

* ST Valley where the top ten shareholders seats in many of the same "national" figure, including Huijin, China International Capital Co., Ltd., the management of companies in financial asset management certificate programs. April 25 evening announcement company, since 2017 net loss of 514 million yuan, a year earlier, after a loss of 165 million yuan, from April 27 delisting risks of special treatment of trading for four consecutive limit-down.

In addition, * ST juf, * ST-rich control, * ST Kim , * ST bus , * ST shares of class division is also private equity and other institutions to hold more. Which appeared Jinyuan Shun security fund accounts managed by five top ten tradable shareholders * ST Fu-controlled seats, the number of shares were about 460 million shares. Since March of this year to resume trading, * ST Wealth Holdings price has fallen 65%. Is it safe to have five special accounts in Jinyuanshun?





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